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Who is good at drafting paper piecing patterns? Me. I am.

(I may have to eat my words if I fuck this up royally)

This is an alternate design for the wings of that dragon on the cover.

The book is called Spellbinding Quilts, by Maaike Bakker, and I cannot recommend it highly enough for people who like paper pieced fantasy creatures. The centaur quilt is top notch.


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@glumshoe it’s been solved!

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a man: so would you date me??

me: ok i’m not THAT bisexual





joss whedon: loki tortures and murders people for fun, and, despite being the god of CHAOS, is a fascist who says things like “it’s the unspoken truth of humanity that you crave subjugation” 

taika waititi: loki is an annoying little shit who day-drinks, puts on theater about himself, and fuc ks his way to the top

joss whedon: loki and thor are gods, so they always talk proper and posh and in cryptic riddles so for no reason. it makes them seem more powerful and mystical.

taiki waititi: one time when they were kids loki turned into a snake because he knows thor loves snakes and then thor went to pick up the snake and then loki turned back into himself and screamed “yueagh, it’s me!” and then he stabbed thor

Taika Waititi has a deeper understanding of Norse mythological accuracy than Joss lol

Until somebody makes a movie where Thor & Loki have actual norse accents and sound like the Swedish Chef they are all cowards.

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Neural networks are a type of computer program that imitate the way humans learn. If you give them a long list of examples of anything - , , , and even - they’ll teach themselves how to generate similar examples.

, I tried giving a neural network a list of Star Wars planets and sure enough, it was soon producing plausible planets that (mostly) would have passed without comment as part of the Star Wars universe.

Now, I try the same thing with Star Wars character names, thanks to another list from blog reader Chris Jones. It turns out that it works pretty well.

Garan Sande
Seran Bant
Bri Dalrhon< br>Joff Bala
Bun Bana
Cantha Boen
Cemenan Shilen
Carton Doylan
Jo Grailis
Greki Ves
Lar-V Male
Slin Sran
Baran Saran
Rantar Tanter
Mana Kane
Captain Kreet

You’ll notice there’s a “captain” at the end of the list… the neural network would occasionally produce captains and commanders and admirals, but it’s rare that it would spell them correctly. This is because I was using some pretty aggressive dropout settings to prevent the neural network from memorizing entire names from the tiny input dataset. I was essentially forcing it to learn to function with only a small fraction of its neurons working at a time, so it had to stick to very simple rules that could be implemented with just a neuron or two. The upside: the neural network began to work with short Star Wars-y letter combinations rather than entire words. The downside: lots of “Cammanders” and “Anmirals”.

Inquisisor: Sarth Bertor
Grand Andiral Chenge Shelte
Anmiral Carn Daralo
Admira Sanos
Anmeral Teeran Salan
Cammander Copta
Carmander Sorod
Comtander JanGanaral Danter

Some of the other names were also less than successful, but that’s not the neural network’s fault. It only knows about the words on its own list, not the rest of the English language. If a word sequence is pronounceable according to its rules, it’s perfectly valid as far as it knows.

Jan Moron
Reme Mold
Ban Sand
Cat Dars
Math Bins
Mad Danran
Santa Salane
Bun Mans
Bare Center
Granter Matter Broth

But my favorite part was the Sith lords.

There were enough Darths in the list that at the very lowest-creativity settings, everyone was a Sith lord. Here are some of my favorites:

Darth Teen
Darth Tannin
Darth Ben
Darth Toes
Darth Teena
Darth Darth
Dorth Darth Darth
Mon Darth
Man Darth
Darth Sans
Darth Band
Darth Mall
Darth Tall
Grand Moff Darth Salt

I would like to see the costu mes for some of these.

Want more Darths? Sign up here and I’ll email you an 8-page pdf of output straight from the neural network.

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Guys, a friend of mine in England is running a kickstarter to make these amazing pins based on medieval manuscript images. If she succeeds, the pins will be only £10!

@scientia-rex @goodbyeomelas @jadelyn

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If you like to have some prints of these witches, cats, dinosaurs and athletics, please visit my online store~ ;) Thank your very very much!

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Anonymous asked: How do you make people fall in love with you



challenge them to a duel 



an extremely short story about two knights who were made for each other


By Eliezer Yudkowsky

MORPHEUS: For the longest time, I wouldn’t believe it. But then I saw the fields with my own eyes, watched them liquefy the dead so they could be fed intravenously to the living -

NEO (politely): Excuse me, please.


NEO: I’ve kept quiet for as long as I could, but I feel a certain need to speak up at this point. The human body is the most inefficient source of energy you could possibly imagine. The efficiency of a power plant at converting thermal energy into electricity decreases as you run the turbines at lower temperatures. If you had any sort of food humans could eat, it would be more efficient to burn it in a furnace than feed it to humans. And now you’re telling me that their food is the bodies of the dead, fed to the living? Haven&rsq uo;t you ever heard of the laws of thermodynamics?

MORPHEUS: Where did you hear about the laws of thermodynamics, Neo?

NEO: Anyone who’s made it past one science class in high school ought to know about the laws of thermodynamics!

MORPHEUS: Where did you go to high school, Neo?


NEO: …in the Matrix.

MORPHEUS: The machines tell elegant lies.


NEO (in a small voice): Could I please have a real physics textbook?

MORPHEUS: There is no such thing, Neo. The universe doesn’t run on math.

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If brains are biological computers, why don’t we lag?

You can’t tell me you’ve never walked into a room and forgotten why you’re there or l ost a train of thought for a few seconds

Once when I was driving home from school I had a brief moment of panic because I thought I’d forgotten my car at school

can a human brain run doom

Todd Howard’s next platform for Skyrim

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